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After spending more than nine years in Guyana,Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale, two Salvation Army Captains will be leaving these shores with a complete package of the Guyana experience.The captains,China Jerseys Cheap, a Haitian couple, have spearheaded various aspects of the Salvation Army fulfilling their mission of tending to the spiritual and social needs of the Guyanese populace.Mr. Matignol Saint-Lot and his wife Mrs. Mireille Saint-Lot have dedicated 10 years of their lives to travelling to various parts of the country teaching, training and counseling via social networks of the church.They have counseled numerous recovering addicts through the drug rehabilitation programme of the Salvation Army.The couple noted appreciation for their experience in Guyana and cited their contribution to the rehabilitation programme. In fact the service to the programme has made their time here even more valued.“One of the things we can be most proud of; the many lives we’ve seen changed through the Rehab programme. We are blessed to watch people who had given up on life get back on their feet and give life a second chance,China Jerseys NFL Wholesale,”The couple has three children,Cheap NHL Jerseys, one of whom is Guyanese.“Guyana has been the place where the children grew up they are more Guyanese than we are,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, therefore we could never forget our experience here.”The family will be heading to Jamaica for the next mission.
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