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The Ministry of Human Services will soon be introducing a programme which is intended to bring peace of mind to working mothers within that ministry.According to Minister Priya Manickchand,Jerseys From China, the ministry has plans to create a child-friendly space where staffers could leave their children until the working day ends.She explained that the majority of the employees of her ministry are women who often have to work then go home to take care of their children.Manickchand also noted that many are worried about the safety of the children during the period when they are dismissed from school and before the mothers reach home.It was against this background,CHeap NFL Jerseys China, the minister said,Cheap MLB Jerseys, that a decision was taken by the ministry to intervene.And in order to create the space, Manickchand explained,Wholesale Jerseys, it would simply require a room and requisite equipment which will in no way be an expensive undertaking.The child-friendly space,Cheap Nike NFL Jerseys, she added, will be characteristic of a day care centre.However, she disclosed that while the plan will shortly be realised, it has not yet been outlined on paper.  She revealed that the noble venture should in fact be one that is undertaken across sectors even in large and private entities.The whole notion to introduce child-friendly spaces comes as part of efforts to address the issue of gender equality.According to Minister Manickchand, women should not be regarded as just housewives anymore, thus steps must be taken to make the aforementioned venture a reality as Guyana embraces a continuous developmental mode.She emphasised that Guyana, like all other countries, cannot develop at a desired pace unless all citizens are afforded equal opportunities.Manickchand articulated that it is one thing to have a constitution which states the importance of having equality for all, and another to have laws that address equality; but she believes that efforts must be made by citizens to make these laws effective in the society.In this regard, the minister added, violence against women must be addressed, a factor which has for some time now been affecting the attainment of equality for women.Manickchand said that ministries and various departments must work towards making changes which help to bring about a change in order to readjust the way gender is viewed.
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