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The Guyana Government has high expectations for the April 26 CARICOM-Brazil Summit. The Government spokesman and secretary to the Bharrat Jagdeo Cabinet, Dr Roger Luncheon said on Thursday that the government will be fully represented at the event.He told reporters at a media conference that Brazil has much to offer not only to Guyana but the entire Caribbean, since it is regarded as the powerhouse of South America.Dr Luncheon said that Guyana is party to several trade agreements with its South American neighbour and that could be used as a stepping stone to create a critical link between Brazil and the rest of the Caribbean.“We would be expected as the immediate beneficiary of CARICOM-Brazil engagements to take formidable aggressive position in pushing integration of Guyana and CARICOM economy with the Brazilians,” Luncheon said.The government spokesman is optimistic about the tremendous positives that will come out of the summit for both the Caribbean and Brazil,Wholesale Jerseys Group, pointing to recent engagements with Guyana and that country and the hope of the Bharrat Jagdeo administration to have these extended to the rest of the Caribbean.“Our expectations are the kind of support that has been provided to us in Guyana in the engagement in the bridge, in the agriculture sector,Nike Air Max 95, plus businessmen were here less than a month ago scouring Guyana and looking at opportunities for trade and investment,Wholesale Authentic NFL Jerseys, I think we have reasonable cause to be looking for good outcomes from the Brazil / CARICOM Summit.”Dr Luncheon also noted that Guyana will remain the link between the Caribbean and Brazil and that CARICOM starts at the Guyana/Brazil border and, as such, this country will assert its role when it comes to pushing the interest of the region.With the recent opening of the bridge across the Takutu,Wholesale Jerseys USA, linking Guyana with Brazil,Nike Roshe Run Men, it is anticipated that this country will be the gateway for trade between the South American nation and the Caribbean.The summit will see discussions on trade, integration and climate change among other issues.
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