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The excitement was electric and the vibes were purely pulsating last Saturday when the twelve ‘Bootilicious Ladies’ faced off at the Club Ice Sports Bar for the 2010 Miss Bootilicious title. The event was staged last week.Though it was just the preliminary round from which four contestants were eliminated, the ladies each tried to outdo each other with ultra sexy choreographies. Some definitely taught the female audience new tricks to entice and keep their male partners entertained and satisfied at home.After the steamy show of ‘ultra sexiness’, ‘Liquid Honey’ copped the top spot, followed by ‘Venom’. ‘Ultra Slim’, and ‘Miss Lickulicious’ both placed third. In fifth position was the sweet sexy ‘Sugar Momma’, followed by ‘Miss Boombastic’, ‘Miss Volcano’ and ‘Superwoman.’ They are all through to the semi-finals carded for ‘Club Sky Seven’,Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale, Pere Street, Kitty.‘Electra’ and ‘Lady Pressure’ were eliminated from the first round. The eight semi-finalists will be performing at the ‘Co-co-cobanna Nightclub’ tomorrow night to the delight of many Berbicians.The show was introduced by the MC, Promoter and Pageant Co-ordinator, Alex Wayne, then things kicked off with delegate #1,Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale, Exciting Estaleen but her performance lacked the necessary excitement and the crowd was not pleased with her lukewarm presentation.The suave ‘Juicy Fruit’ was next and her sauciness worked well with the audience but the judges were not impressed and she was eliminated.A sure crowd favourite was ‘Miss Ultra Slim’ who displeased her fans with an almost vague presentation that lacked her usual sexiness. But that may have been understandable given that her mother was present in the audience, and has been hounding her down like a ‘scary god-mother’ since the contest began.But the show also had its time for not just the slim and medium built as Miss Boombastic represented the ‘big girls.’ She taught the audience many innovative ways in which a ‘big curvy woman’ can still be sexy and creative.‘Miss Volcano’ who entered the competition only a few days before show night, dazzled the audience with some indeed provocative moves as she seduced her school teacher whose intention was to teach arithmetic.Much more was expected from ‘Miss Lickulicious’ who seemed distracted, but she has noted that the others will have to look out for steamy surprises coming their way in the next round.This contestant was expected by many to win the pageant but had a few hiccups with a sponsor just hours before show time. Nerves got the better of ‘Miss Sugar Momma’ as she did not deliver her ‘horny nectar’ as she had showcased at rehearsals.Superwoman who was expected to deliver a striking package seemed uncomfortable since the DJ failed to play the song she selected. As a result, she was forced to perform to a song that was almost alien to her; but she still managed to remain in the competition.Each contestant displayed sexy choreography as they enticed, controlled, seduced or ‘made a mess’ of the mostly rippled male models who appeared on stage.The men had a few surprises of their own too.The climax of the show was centered on performances by the first and second place winners, ‘Liquid Honey’ and ‘Venom’ who battled fiercely for the title. Many believe that ‘Venom’ should have won since her moves were sizzling and sensual, not to mention her mind boggling choreography with two males on stage.She was all coy, then dominant, then sexily manipulative, before flowing nicely in the moods of sophisticated, irresistible, pulsating and must have been a mouth watering morsel for the male audience.‘Liquid Honey’,Wholesale China Jerseys, a professional exotic dancer, was suave and used her stage experience to her advantage. Her moves were electric and throbbing as she played havoc with the minds of the audience.The presentation of her male model, ‘Fabian’, who acted the role of a man caught in the feverish throes of ecstasy while being dominated by his seductress,Cheap Jerseys For Wholesale, must have been the factor that sealed the deal for the two who left the stage to resounding applause.The models and contestants were all trained by the Promoter, Alex Wayne, who is a professional runway model,Wholesale Authentic Jerseys, dancer and vocalist.‘Miss Bootilicious Rewind’ will kick off at Club Sky Seven at a date to be announced in the near future.
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