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Residents of West Back Street Lima,Cheap NFL Jerseys, Essequibo Coast,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, are peeved about the non removal of a GPL utility pole that was erected several years ago now in the middle of the street.This newspaper learnt that the area was earmarked for development for some time, but has now been approved by the Region Two Administration and the Anna Regina Town Council. The foundation work has been completed by Pooran ‘Man Man’ Construction Company. It includes a concrete culvert and the preparation of the road shoulders.Additional works to the road have subsequently been halted due to the pole which is situated in the middle of the street, preventing the workers from using the required machinery to fill and compact the street with sand loam and crush and run.The contractor said that he is eager to complete this project in the time frame stipulated in the contract, which he has already breached and as such is willing to assist with his machinery to relocate the pole. Assistance was already given to the Guyana Telephone and Telegraph Company by the said contractor, who has relocated the G.T & T utility pole which was erected in the same proximity.According to irate residents,Cheap Authentic Jerseys, they held meetings with the management of the Guyana Power and Light,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, Essequibo Branch and the Regional authorities along with the contractor. There were promises by the utility company to have the pole removed urgently, but to date, almost three months later no intervention has been made by G.P.L.One resident opined that the electrical pole which was erected to serve residents in that area was wrongly planted initially. The pole could have been erected in another area more suitable to serve the same purpose.The man further asserted that G.P.L. should have researched the area thoroughly, identifying reserves and not streets before planting the pole which also serves as a main line to several villages to the north of the Essequibo Coast.Another resident who spoke with this newspaper complained about the difficulties she and her children encounter in accessing the street which leads to the Lima Public Road. Mrs. Glasgow, a resident of that area for 40 years said that her son fell while fetching a bag of feed to his home resulting in him sustaining injury to his shoulder about two weeks ago.The woman who lives in close proximity to the street said that she as well as the other residents of that area struggle daily,Cheap Jerseys USA, especially when it rains.Mr. Ravi D who has been living there for over three years and another resident who was born in that area and is now fifty years of age said they have to park their vehicles on the public road some distance away from their home and fear damage or loss of property.
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