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Another batch of eye patients set for December 2 flight to CubaSeveral Region Ten residents are expected to make up the 75th batch of patients who are scheduled to undergo eye surgery in Cuba as part of the second phase of Mission Miracle.It is anticipated that the 50-member batch will depart Guyana on December 2.Mission Miracle, which is an eye care programme, came into being through the sustained collaboration between the Governments of Guyana and Cuba over the years.Minister Bheri Ramsarran, in the company of Cuban officials, meets some of the patients.Currently, patients are being screened in various areas,Wholesale Authentic Jerseys, but according to Minister within the Health Ministry,China Soccer Jerseys, Dr Bheri Ramsarran, plans are being streamlined to commence screening in Region Ten for the first time.Screening is already being undertaken in areas on the East Bank of Demerara, and at Leonora, Mahaicony and Suddie.According to the minister, the screening sessions in Region Ten are expected to last for about two to three weeks.“So, we are hoping on this flight that there will be many people from Linden and the contiguous areas; but if all of them do not get on to that flight, the project will continue into January. We will have a recess for the holiday, because nobody would want to go for surgery during Christmas,” the minister speculated.The minister noted that the 75th flight represents a signal moment in the history of Mission Miracle, as it continues the second phase of the programme.According to the minister, Cuba is now helping Guyana to address more serious and complicated eye ailments.“There was, initially, emphasis on cataract and ptyrigium, but if you continue checking down to flights 73 and 74, you would see that more serious diseases, like retinosa pigmentosa and diabetic retinopathy,Wholesale Adidas Hockey Jerseys, are being treated.“If you check the grand total, you would see that there is a change now towards the more complicated diseases. Ten cases of retinosa pigmentosa, which is a very expensive disease to treat,NFL Jerseys China, had been sent over the past few weeks. And in future, flight 75 and onwards, the Cuban Embassy tells me that we will be shifting from cataract to things like retinitis and glaucoma, which are all more serious,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, far more than cataract.”It is for this reason, the minister said,Jerseys NFL Cheap, that the local Health Ministry is grateful to Cuba for expanding the scope of diseases that are being treated. A wide variety of Guyanese could receive treatment free of cost, he added.On Friday, several patients who had undergone treatment in Cuba expressed their gratitude for the programme, through which they were able to get help to improve their sight.
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