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Jacklyn Diliatu, one of the Nigerians charged with trafficking in narcotics,Wholesale Jerseys, received a three-year jail term along with a hefty fine of $4.5 million fine from Magistrate Faith Mc Gusty. The hefty fine represented three times the value of the drugs.In March,Cheap Jerseys China, Mnojba Eligah Ndubiasi,Cheap Jerseys For Sale, Samuel Coffi and Brown Icechukwanyaola who were also charged with trafficking in narcotics, entered not guilty pleas. They have since been ordered deported.Diliatu was however detained and had to lead a defence.It is alleged on February 6, 2009,Wholesale Nike NFL Jerseys, at Aurora,Cheap Jerseys Wholesale, the four Nigerians were traveling in a car which was stopped and searched by ranks. A bag was found in Diliatu’s possession. It contained 4.9 kilograms of cocaine.Counsel Glenn Hanoman in his previous submission told the court that his clients had no linkages to drugs.The prosecutor,Jerseys NFL Wholesale, Oswald Pitt, told the court that the group was traveling from Venezuela to Georgetown.
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