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A suspected thief and confidence trickster is nursing stab wounds and other injuries after allegedly being beaten on Saturday by four men who accused him of stealing.The injured ‘Shortman’ at the GPHC.The 26 year-old man, who would only identify himself as ‘Shortman’ of Ann’s Grove Village, East Coast Demerara,Cheap Authentic Jerseys, said he was walking with a friend at around 20:00 hrs on Saturday when four men surrounded them.‘Shortman’ said the men appeared angry and were accusing his partner of stealing several valuable items from them.He said the friend sprinted away and the men then turned their attention on him.‘Shortman’ claimed that although he told the men he was not an accomplice,Jerseys NFL Wholesale, they ignored him and attacked him with their fists,Cheap Jerseys Wholesale, pieces of wood and knives. He said passersby ignored all his screams for help after his assailants almost attacked a man who tried to intervene.He explained that he was left bleeding at a street corner and a taxi driver eventually took him to the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation where he was admitted.Shortman sustained stab wounds to the lower abdomen and left hand. As a result of the blows he also suffered a deep gash to the left temple, one above the left eye,China NFL Jerseys, and another on the left cheek.But,Cheap NFL Jerseys, it is alleged that ‘Shortman’ has been involved in robberies and recently attempted to defraud a man by renting him a house.In this case he used an accomplice who was actually the son of the woman who owned the house situated at Cinema Road,China NFL Jerseys, Melanie Damishana.They reportedly broke into the house a week later while the tenant was away and attempted to evict him.However, the tenant had luckily telephoned his brother and cousin who arrived in the middle of the fracas and inflicted a thrashing on ‘Shortman’.
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