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…Six remain hospitalized, two still criticalOne of the three killed in a road crash on Monday has been identified as a wanted criminal Andrew Doris,Wholesale Hockey Jerseys 2018, 19, of 150 Vryheid Lust East Coast Demerara.The man was among nine persons in a vehicle which crashed into some parked trucks on the West Berbice Public Road.The body was identified by his mother, Paulette Johnson, at the Arokium Funeral parlour In New Amsterdam.Doris was wanted for the murder of 24-year-old carpenter,Jerseys NFL China, Mark Drexel London, at Second Field, Kaneville.During an attempted robbery in Kaneville, East Bank Demerara (EBD) on August 14, last after committing the robbery the suspect, Andrew Doris, then disappeared from the area.The Kaieteur News article had stated that police are seeking help from members of the public to locate a 19-year-old bandit who shot and killed London during an attempted robbery in Kaneville, East Bank Demerara (EBD) on August 14, last.According to reports, London and a friend were walking on a street when Doris approached them and demanded that Drexel hand over his gold chain and cellular phone.London refused and the two friends ran in different directions.The suspect reportedly fired four shots behind his victim, one of which struck and killed London instantly. The gunman escaped empty-handed.Police investigators said that the suspect managed to stay one step ahead of the law. Meanwhile the six survivors remain hospitalized.They were all in the white Raum motor car PRR 1163 which was owned by a rental company and was being driven by 24-year-old Devon Pydanna of 39 Stanleytown, New Amsterdam. An investigation revealed that the three persons who died were in the trunk.They were Doris, Tommy Thomas, called ‘Tommy Lee’, 22, of 20-30 St John Street, New Amsterdam, and Jevon Gregory James, called ‘Jevon Cort ‘a soldier, 19, of Savannah Park, New Amsterdam.Injured and hospitalized in a critical condition in the Georgetown Public Hospital are Jamacy Munroe, 39, of Nicolay Street and 39 Stanleytown; and Leawanna Ross, 17, of Lot 65 Canefield, East Canje Berbice. Munroe condition remains critical.Those hospitalized in the New Amsterdam hospital are the driver Pydanna, Daniella Toney, 26, of Nicolay Street, New Amsterdam; Janella Blackman, 27, of 37 Stanleytown and Brian Simpson,China NFL Jerseys, 21, of Savannah Park,China Jerseys Wholesale, New Amsterdam.It is understood that Pydanna and the others were sporting at a popular pool bar at Mount Sinai, (Angoy’s Avenue) New Amsterdam.They then left that location and headed to another location at Chapel Street, New Amsterdam, before leaving for the Tiamo Pool Hall at No 27 West Coast Berbice. They never made it.While in the vicinity of Golden Grove, West Berbice,Cheap China Jerseys, Pydanna, who was driving at terrific speed lost control and ran off the road.The car first crashed into lorry GNN 4398 before spinning around and crashing into Lorry GMM 6704 which were parked about 14 feet off the road. The car was a complete wreck. Residents had to use implements such as wood,Cheap Authentic Jerseys, and an iron bar to pry the vehicle open and get the occupants out.They were then rushed to the Fort Wellington Hospital.Toney, Blackman and the driver were in the front seat. They were the least injured.
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