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It is believed that former cricket player Abina Parker was stabbed when she confronted her spouseAbina Parkerafter finding a sling, hidden under his pillow Sunday night as they were about to retire to bed.There are reports that when Melroy Parker, who hanged himself after stabbing his wife, was confronted, he could not provide an answer. He told the woman that he had taken the sling out of his bag.He did not say what he was going to do with the sling.Kaieteur News understands that the 44-year-old woman assumed that her partner was about to do something “fishy” that night with the sling and started an argument.The couple’s son, Curtis, who witnessed the entire ordeal, said that when he reached home late on Sunday, his parents were quarrelling over the “sling.” He explained that his mother called him into her room and showed him what she had found.“I don’t know what it was about this sling, but they were quarrelling and he (Melroy) run to the kitchen and picked up two knives and run back to the room,” the young man recalled.He said that at this point, he and his mother had locked themselves in the room but his knife-wielding father managed to get into the bedroom and stabbed his mother at least three times to the abdomen.Melroy Parker made no attempt to harm his son. After Abina Parker was stabbed,Cheap Jerseys, her son managed to get her out of the house and rushed her to the Diamond Diagnostic Centre where she was eventually transferred to the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation.When this newspaper visited the hospital yesterday, she was in the theatre undergoing surgery. Her condition has been listed as stable.Residents of Second Field, Kaneville,NFL Jerseys Cheap, East Bank Demerara,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, were in a state of shockAbina Parker allegedly found a sling looking like the one in the picture under her husband’s pillow.when this newspaper visited the scene.One woman, who resides near to the couple’s home, recalled hearing a scream sometime around 10:00hrs that fateful night.The woman said that after Abina was stabbed,cheap nfl jerseys outlet, her husband came outside the house and then ran back inside. He locked the door and went upstairs. He then proceeded to the front room where he began preparing a loop to hang himself.“People see he going to hang heself (and) by the light went on,Cheap Authentic Jerseys, they could see his shadow and dem boys (residents) start hollering on he to stop and to think,” the woman said.She continued that while calls and pleas by residents were futile, a resident in an attempt to scare Melroy Parker, picked up an object and hurled it through the eastern window of the room,Cheap Jerseys Wholesale, shattering the glass.Spots of blood were still visible under the house. The police have cordoned off the house.Abina Parker represented Guyana in the West Indies senior regional competition, and is a member of the Guyana Police Force cricket club.She captained Demerara in the Inter-county Senior Women’s Tournament. She also plays softball cricket and is a professional umpire.
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