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…buried near to daughtersIt was a serene ambiance Friday at St Andrew’s Kirk when friends, family, Government officials and people from all walks of life gathered to bid farewell to Former First Lady Joyce Hoyte.She was laid to rest at Le Repentir Cemetery in close proximity to her children,NFL Jerseys Outlet, who predeceased her, following an accident in 1985.The funeral service was attended by Prime Minister Samuel Hinds, Opposition Leader Robert Corbin,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, Labour Minister Manzoor Nadir, Presidential Advisers Gail Teixeira and Indra Chandarpal,Jerseys Wholesale, Major General (rtd) Joe Singh, Former Commissioner of Police Winston Felix,Wholesale NBA Jerseys, former Minister now Laparkan executive, Vibert Parvatan,Cheap Nike NFL Jerseys, and scores of other key figures in society.In his eulogy, Former Finance Minister Carl Greenidge spoke of the tower of strength that Mrs. Hoyte was as a woman as well as a driving force and key support for her husband, the late President Hugh Desmond Hoyte.“She was a backbone of steel,” said Greenidge in his description of the late First Lady as it related to her husband.He told the gathering that Mrs Hoyte was a very private woman and few knew that she was very actively involved in politics but preferred to be in the background, “in the shadows even.”Greenidge further noted that she was such a private person,Wholesale Jerseys Authentic, that he couldn’t say what some of her childhood influences were. Following the death of her husband she guarded her privacy even more.“I don’t keep company; I can take care of myself thank you,” Greenidge quoted Mrs Hoyte as emphasising.She was quick to accept if any of her mishaps were pointed out to her and would thoughtfully reflect that it is a necessary experience.Mrs Hoyte, he said, was the kind of person that would always try to keep persons around her smiling.Greenidge described her as a remarkable woman and he stressed that it is an inspiration how she endured following the death of her children in an accident in which she was severely injured, also.He said that what many did not know was that Mrs Hoyte was fond of charities and was generous to many over the years.There were several moving tributes by persons who knew Mrs Hoyte over the years as well as a fitting benediction by Reverend Maureen Massiah.Joyce Noreen De Freitas was born on the 30th November, 1934, and grew up in Georgetown, the capital of then British Guiana.She was fortunate to have had a good childhood while growing up in Russell Street, Charlestown and later she blossomed into an attractive and sociable young woman.Greenidge described her as a ‘Glamour Girl’ in her daysShe joined the then British Guiana Telephone and Telegraph Company where she not only did her work proficiently but also created a wide circle of friends of all ethnic backgrounds.In 1965, Joyce De Freitas married Hugh Desmond Hoyte, who was at the time a rising Attorney. Desmond Hoyte was to join the People’s National Congress in 1968 and this decision was to change his life and Joyce Hoyte’s forever.Mrs. Hoyte was to learn that being the wife of a politician was a particularly exacting job and required a shrewd understanding of the development of her husband’s career and the incessant demand on his time.She also understood that this would also have an impact on the lives of their two children, Maxine and Amanda.Mrs. Hoyte’s capacity to learn quickly, enabled her to recognize that a politician’s life in Guyana is a particularly difficult one, and she made the required adjustment, becoming a loyal and devoted wife. She would relate later in life that her husband’s appointment as Prime Minister, in 1984, made her apprehensive.A year after her husband’s appointment the vehicle in which she was traveling to a May Day Rally in Linden, was involved in an accident, as a result of which she lost her only two children, Maxine and Amanda.She herself was badly hurt and only regained consciousness in a hospital in Cuba.This tragedy did not stop her as Mrs. Hoyte reached deep down within herself and despite her injuries played the role of First Lady with poise and graciousness after her husband became President in August 1985.As First Lady she supported the work of her husband, and was at his side as he visited communities in various parts of the country and on diplomatic visits abroad.Joyce Noreen Hoyte passed away on Valentine’s Day.
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