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The Guyana Officer for Investment (Go Invest) is hoping to establish a Business Centre under the National Competitiveness Strategy Programme later this year,Wholesale Jerseys Cheap, specifically geared towards assisting small entrepreneurs.This is according to Senior Investment Officer of Go-Invest,Wholesale Jerseys China, Janet Kissoon,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, who made the announcement at a National Dialogue held on Saturday last under the theme “exploring pathways to self-employment and entrepreneurship.”This dialogue was the second in a series of dialogues arranged by the Caribbean and Africa Self Reliance International/Action for Community (CASRI-ACT), an independent development organization with a mission to nurture and develop leadership for community transformation from the bottom up which is based in Canada.Kissoon,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, one of five panelists who gave brief presentations,China NBA Jerseys, said that that Go-Invest recognises the need for more entrepreneurship developed but cited that there are several challenges that small business owners and persons trying to start small business encounter.According to her, Go Invest has been working with a number of large, medium and small scale businesses.Kissoon added that they have been seeing a more automated approach and a significant reduction in manual labour where big businesses are concerned. She cited Banks DIH and GuySuCo as examples.“So I think the need for more entrepreneurship development and encouragement is definitely needed at this point in time. There are a lot of young people coming out of school that don’t know what to do and can’t find jobs and we need to present opportunities to them.”ProblemsKissoon said that one of the problems encountered with small business people when they are to make their ideas a reality is in the financing. “A lot of people have very good ideas but don’t know where to find money.”According to her, persons are intimidated to approach financial institutions because of the kinds of information being requested of them by the entities.“In Go-Invest we have been trying to give them moral support because they have to do the interview themselves but I think that they are very intimidated to approach some of the financial institutions.”Another area, she added, that they have found assistance is needed is in the marketing of products. “A lot of our investors sometimes have very good products but they do not know how to market them or they are not prepared for the marketing exercise.”Kissoon said that Go Invest has also been trying to assist people turn their good ideas into a bankable investment plan.According to her, this is an area where persons usually encounter problems. Having recognised these problems the idea for the Business Centre was born.This business centre is specifically geared towards assisting those small entrepreneurs whether it is finding finance, going with them to the financial meetings and giving them moral support and helping them to prepare the documentations that they need in order to approach the financial institutions.“We are going to help them in developing their business plan. So the business centre will be catering for whatever problem those investors, especially the small ones,Cheap Jerseys From China, will be facing.”Kissoon added that they are very cognizant of the fact that some of the policies and programmes at Go Invest are sometimes not in favour of small businesses and they are working with the policy makers to have those reviewed.“We at Go-Invest will be doing all we can because we recognize the need to have more small people involved in entreprneurship and we are prepared to support them through it.”
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