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For the second time in less than a week, bandits invaded the quiet East Coast Demerara village of Good Hope, and for the second time,Wholesale China Jerseys Free Shpping, they escaped without any hindrance after pillaging two business establishments.Around 18:45 hours on Saturday, Petam Parasram,Cheap NFL Jerseys, 32 and his wife Jenita, 27, were the latest victims when they were attacked and robbed by three men, two of whom carried handguns.In what appeared to be a well planned operation,Wholesale Jerseys, the men stormed the establishment while the couple was alone inside and held them at gunpoint.They took away the couple’s personal jewellery,Wholesale Jerseys, $100,000,Cheap NHL Jerseys, a number of cell phone cards,Jerseys NFL Cheap, and a cell phone before escaping in a Toyota 212 Carina motorcar.Earlier in the week, bandits had attacked another business place in the community escaping with millions of dollars in cash and other valuables.In both instances, residents lamented the slow police response.They suggested that given the layout of the village, the bandits’ escape would have been difficult if the police had responded promptly.
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