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Winston Saunders and his wife,Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping, Yonette Williams, are peeved with the action taken by the Guyana Power and Light Company.The duo visited Kaieteur News on Tuesday to lodge a complaint against the utility company and to accuse its disconnection crew of concocting a malicious story against them and wrongfully disconnecting their service.They said that the crew also removed their meter.According to Williams she received a telephone call from her neighbour shortly before noon on Tuesday to hear that a disconnection crew was at their home.She said that she spoke to the GPL personnel via telephone who requested that she go home so that they could carry on their task.Williams said that she could not leave work at the time but telephoned her husband to go home and rectify the problem,China NFL Jerseys, given that she is absolutely certain that there was no illegal paraphernalia on their meter.Saunders,Cheap NHL Jerseys, upon receiving the call, interrupted arrangements that he was planning for someone’s funeral and went to the 160 Middle Road,Cheap Jerseys From China, La Penitence, residence where he was greeted by two GPL officials who told him that there was an illegal connection on his residence.He said that he asked the men to show him what they were talking about but the officials said that they would have to wait on an engineer. The engineer’s visit never materialized.According to Saunders he was told that he needed to go down to the Loss Reduction Unit of GPL.He said that the men proceeded to remove the meter and when he went to the Loss Reduction Unit he was greeted with what he described as a most uncouth official who at first was reluctant to even identify himself.The official was later identified to be a Wayne Watson, an engineer who told Saunders that he had a photograph of the illegal connection.According to Saunders he was shown a photograph of his residence along with a close up of the meter with what appeared to be a red wire attached to it.This, he said,China Jerseys, had to be the work of the crew given that he is adamant that there was no such wiring in place on his meter.He was then told to visit the company’s head office on Main Street where none of the persons to whom he was referred was present but he did manage to speak to an official who did an assessment on his connection trying to ascertain if there were any abnormal fluctuations which is typical in the event of theft.This, he said,Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping, vindicated his position. Nonetheless, he said that was told and given a document speaking to the fact that he had to pay a reconnection fee of $3,200 along with an investigation fee of $10,000.Saunders is adamant that it was the power company at fault and as such he should not have to pay any such demands and that the company must reinstall his service connection.
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