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Today, Ursula Victoria Forbes of 22 North Half, Den Amstel, West Coast Demerara is a centenarian. She is popularly known as Mother Forbes and has maintained a marvelous vision for her age.Flocked by relatives and family members, Mother Forbes was assertive in her composure but she needed a hearing aid. The passage of time has taken a toll on that particular sense.Ursula Victoria Forbes flanked by her two children,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, (left to right) Eldon Forbes and Doreen La Caille.However, she has good vision and only needs glasses to read, she said.Mother Forbes has one brother alive. They were seven. Her mother passed on at the age of 92. Her father was a different kettle of fish. He died at the young age of 45.Family members revealed that the community centre in Den Amstel, which was donated decades ago by a relative, is to be renamed after the centenarian in her honour.Since the family acquired lands over the years and never sold any because of the principle by which Mother Forbes lived her life. “When they ask if I selling I told them we are not selling; the family is too large to sell,Wholesale NFL Jerseys China, so I just said NO!”When asked what contributed to her longevity she said, “God’s grace and a good mind,NFL Jerseys China, willing mind; anything people ask me to do I am always willing to assist people. And I never refused anybody.”Born in the village of Den Amstel ,Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping, Mother Forbes, who was born Adams, said that she wed her villager, Ulric Fitz Clarence Forbes, and through that union produced five loving children, only two survive to date; Eldon Forbes who is 75-years-old and a daughter, Doreen La Caille who is 77.She has five grandchildren, five great grandchildren and three great-great grandchildren. Adding that she was a great cook who was known for her cook-up-rice, Mother Forbes said that she was a housewife who did catering for the church, parties and other special occasions. She even cooked for the late President Linden Forbes Sampson Burnham while she was attending Carnegie School of Economics.Mother Forbes who is capable of reciting her prayers eloquently said her values revolve around honesty, discipline and contentment.Adding that at her present age none of her relatives can bully her,Cheap NFL Jerseys Supply, Mother Forbes said “I don’t take nothing and nonsense; I don’t give either or take.” Those gathered to celebrate the occasion with her, laughed.She was a good mother. “When my children were growing up they never gave me problems.”  She even raised many other children. She was like the village mother.Ursula Victoria Forbes said today she eats chicken but keeps away from beef and other meats that are too tough. “I love my soup,Cheap Jerseys Online, and good food.”On a normal day Mother Forbes would get up from bed then “make it up” before heading to the breakfast table. After that she would sit on the veranda of her home and watch the passersby in her village.Today she would be the guest of honour at the Ebenezer Congregational Church, which she has been attending from birth. Then would follow the party in her honour.
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