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Local passengers who use the public transportation system are consistently complaining about the selfishness portrayed by the routes 41-48 minibus operators who are stationed at the Stabroek Market.One concerned citizen of South Ruimveldt, Georgetown stated that since mini-bus operators were victorious in their battle to increase the transportation fares, their attitude seems to have worsened.He lamented that when dealing with passengers,China Jerseys, conductors are disrespectful and fearless. He recalled the case of an elderly woman asking a bus driver to lower the volume of the music being played and the operator blatantly refusing to do so.He cited another case when a woman asked both of the operators of the minibus to change the type of music they were playing, since it contained indecent language.His response was “You can’t tell me how fuh play me music,Wholesale Soccer Jerseys, I does play fuh de school children,Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping, not yal old people,NFL Jerseys China,” the passenger related.This newspaper understands that during the day the bus park is overcrowded with minibuses, but in the evening there seems to be a scarcity.Passengers also continue to lament the consistent practice of the operators to overload the buses.One businessman said, “They want to pack us four in a seat like sardines …I refuse to be uncomfortable and still have to pay the required amount of money those conductors want me to pay.I objected once and was eventually thrown out of that minibus and told to catch another on a vacant lot which is supposed to be a bus park.” Other passengers related similar experiences to Kaieteur News.“ ‘Dress down deh nah,Wholesale China Jerseys, Big Man’ is all he coulda tell me, he ain’t even seh please, I could be he grandfather. These youths!” one elderly man exclaimed,Cheap NFL Jerseys, while relating a recent experience.
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