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Even as workers of the University of Guyana (UG) maintain their striking stance in order to have their demands for better salaries and improved working conditions met, students have been increasingly vocalisingJanelle Fu-Sum, final year Economics Major at UG.their concerns.In fact, among the most recent such vocalization is that of Janelle Fu-Sum, a final year Economics Major at the tertiary institution.According to her, the ongoing labour dispute at UG understandably directly impacts efficiency that has the potential of severely hindering productivity at the institution.Fu-Sum, who was sharing her concerns about the dispute at a media conference, said that as an Economic major, one recurring fundamental concept that must be given attention in all programmes of each semester is that of efficiency. “We are taught in various retrospect’s that the most efficient option or allocation of resources is generally preferred ceteris paribus (all things equal),” said Fu-Sum.She, in directing her attention to the students’ perspective, pointed out that what would’ve taken the average four-month semester, would now require additional time due to the on-going industrial action.“Time, which is a valuable resource to any one individual and critical as it is in many situations becomes perishable,” said Fu-Sum as she pointed out that the costs which students face from the dispute not only takes on the form of financial costs but also a social connotation.Speaking of the financial aspect of the situation, she explained, that for all students transportation is without a doubt a cost factor, as many classes are merely being announced but not being held due to the absence of lecturers resulting in the cancellation of classes.Although there are some lecturers who have remained on the job despite the strike action, Fu-Sum said that there has nevertheless been a resulting social impact since classes in all faculties are being taught disjointed.Speaking specifically of the Economic programme, she disclosed that the manner in which courses are allocated to each semester, shows a pattern and thus, most courses in any given semester are intertwined and lend themselves to one another which help to give the students a better understanding and grasp of the concept, and how it is applied in various contexts. Thus, there are learning implications,Stitched Jerseys, she said.“Also, being taught in a disrupt environment, discourages students in many ways as the industrial dispute poses uncertainty; has the semester really begun? When will exams be held? What about previous grades? When is graduation? Is there a semester break?” questioned Fu-Sum as she observed that these uncertainties often discourage students.She informed that in addition to costs, the labour dispute gives rise to economic loss.This week marks one month since the beginning of the industrial dispute and with the uncertainty of class resumption,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, Fu-Sum said that it is reasonable to assume that the students who were expected to graduate in November of 2015, will not meet that expectation.“This has a negative impact on economic progress as it delays the surge of new employees into the labour market that occurs annually due to graduation. This potentially puts employers and businesses at a stand-still,” she added.And according to her, “Many students that have intentions of furthering their studies would have already applied to various institutions with pending grades,Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping, when grades are not released in the expected timeframe, they would be forced to postpone their education. The delay of class resumption thus,NFL Jerseys China, indirectly restricts key inputs to a developing nation; labour supply and research and development (research projects, thesis, etc. by post-grad students),” added the final year Economic Student.Fu-Sum pointed out that it is important to highlight too, those students that study at UG and work simultaneously as she stressed that the delays and drawbacks that result from the industrial dispute unequivocally affects their careers.Other economic implications, she alluded to, was the use of physical resources such as infrastructure since, according to her, more than 50 per cent of classes are not in progress. However, she noted that those that are on-going utilise UG’s classroom facilities; a state of affairs that translates to factors not being utilised according to scale as the entire campus is put in operation for scarce classes.Further, she speculated that when normal classes do resume, additional resources will be required, thus causing actual expenditure for the semester would exceed future expenditure thereby placing pressure on already limited financial resources.Moreover, Fu-Sum is of the view that the industrial dispute creates a negative reputation for the university. “Students graduating from high school and seeking tertiary education, would be deterred from such an environment, contributing to the prominent issue of brain drain,” said the student who went on to note that “the financial and social costs and the economic loss in aggregate is immeasurable and an unfair burden to the students and further society at large.”Without dismissing the merit of the unions,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, she added, that it must be considered,Wholesale Nike NFL Jerseys, given the allocated budget, “how can increases of such magnitude be executed?”The Unions were calling for a 60 per cent across the board increase for workers, but the University’s Administration instead offered a 25 per cent incremental increase, payable over a three-year period. The University has since withdrawn its offer calling on the workers to cease strike action before negotiations resume.Making reference to the increase demanded by the Unions, Fu-Sum questioned, “If increases of such magnitude are made, what are the trickle-down effects with respect to other public servants both in and out of learning institutions given, that they receive annual increases of five per cent?” She noted too, that the counter measures to compensate for the loss of time must also be considered. “How will the time be compensated for? Extending the semester would appear to be the most feasible path; however, does this imply that summer classes will be disregarded? Does this mean that application and registration dates for the 2015/2016 semester will be postponed? If the semester runs into the summer, will lecturers be exempted from their usual leave for that period?” asked the concerned students.
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