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Reports are circulating that the three gunmen who were slain last Friday on the Cromarty foreshore at Corentyne, Berbice were part of a 14-man gang that was planning to hit the GuySuCo Albion payroll.An official from the sugar company told this newspaper that the company has evidence that the hit was to take place some time between Thursday and Friday last. The police, however, have said that they have not yet received such intelligence.Kaieteur News understands that security personnel had conducted reconnaissance exercises earlier in the week in preparation for the shipment of a large amount of cash to the Albion Estate.The security personnel reported that they had observed several strange characters, but since the county was preparing for a huge Town Day at New Amsterdam, they were not too suspicious.It was not until the shootout between gunmen and police that they realised that there may be a connection with the events that had preceded it.The sugar company believes that the three men — Cranston Gill,Cheap Jerseys From China, Cliff Chichester and James Gibson — were in the process of securing getaway resources when they were confronted by the police.Meanwhile,Cheap Authentic Jerseys, the Guyana Defence Force said in a press release yesterday that James Gibson was dismissed from the force after failing to meet the required standards on the army’s Standard Officer’s Course,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, while Chichester was a Lance Corporal who was dismissed for stealing from the GDF.Police in Berbice said that they have received reports that the men had questioned some of their victims as to how to get to Springlands.A source in Berbice also said that they have detained a man who hails from Buxton for questioning into possible links with the gunmen.“We don’t know what the plan was,NFL Jerseys China, but we have not ruled out anything,holesale NFL Jerseys,” the source said. However,cheap nfl jerseys china, the source stated that the man has not given any information that would incriminate him in any way.
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