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By Latoya Giles With a number of non-governmental organisations and Ministry of Social Services,Wholesale Jerseys 2017, claiming that moral values of young adolescents are declining,NFL Jerseys Supply, a 14-year-old from a city school aborted a well-formed fetus in the school toilet, and then discarded the remains in a garbage bin.The teen delivered the fetus on Friday last.According to information reaching this newspaper,Soccer Jerseys From China, the Third Form student went into the washroom and delivered the baby on the floor.The source further told Kaieteur News that after delivering the fetus,Wholesale Jerseys From China, she then wrapped it in paper and dumped it into the garbage.The young girl then proceeded back into her classroom and pretended that nothing had happened.However teachers and students at the school saw the young girl clutching her stomach and crying out in pain. The teachers then called her mother who took her to a city hospital.When the child’s mother reached at the school she told teachers that her daughter is a “wayward child who listens to no one.” The mother told school officials that her daughter would leave her home and return the next day without giving a proper explanation of her whereabouts.“This little girl could have died if they didn’t bring her to the hospital because she was bleeding a lot,Cheap NFL Jerseys,” a nurse said. A source from the hospital told this newspaper that the teen was just about to finish her first trimester (three-month period).The nurses opined that that the child may have ingested an illegal drug, which caused her to miscarry. “She had to drink one of those cheap abortion pills to induce labour. Pharmacists should be locked up when things like this happen”.The nurses further said that even if the teen didn’t buy the “pills” someone older may have given it to her and that person should also be locked up.Nurses also said that the young girl has a hardened mind to commit such an act. “It takes someone with a lot of guts to throw a baby in a garbage bin and then pretend that nothing happened.”Efforts to contact Minister of Human Services and Social Security, Priya Manickchand proved futile. However,Wholesale Nike NFL Jerseys, according to a senior officer at the Ministry, they would definitely look into the matter.The official said that in some instances, the child would not want to give the authorities the male’s name so that they can institute criminal charges against the person.
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