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Does anyone know where the $19M police patrol (luxury) boat is? When lastThe police are still to justify the purchase of this $19M luxury boat.was it in the water carrying out riverain patrols?Well,Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping, the answer is plain and simple -the vessel is lying in dry dock at Parika for want of further repairs. In fact,Cheap Air Max, since its arrival in Guyana more than two years ago,Brock McGinn Jersey, the boat has not been in operation for any extended period of time.And from all appearances the Police Force seems to have squandered a whopping $19M on a twin-engine boat that was supposed to be an integral part of their maritime operations.Initially the vessel was down for want of a new engine which was subsequently procured at an additional cost to the purchase price.According to a source,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, the first signs that the purchase was bad occurred when the boat was out on trial up the Demerara River,Cheap Soccer Gear, a few months after it arrived in Guyana.On its return trip to the maritime base, one of the engines developed mechanical problems. The second engine subsequently developed similar problems.Yesterday, Acting Police Commissioner Leroy Brumell acknowledged that the vessel was under repairs at Parika,Custom Chelsea Jersey, but expressed the hope that it would soon be back in operation.Twice the Police Force and the Ministry of Home Affairs had to cancel the official handing over of the vessel.The boat was purchased with funds budgeted to the Ministry of Home Affairs, but there are conflicting reports about who actually procured it. When the Ministry was contacted, this newspaper was referred to the police and the police in turn referred all queries back to the ministry.Kaieteur News understands that a senior police officer is responsible for the procurement of the vessel.
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