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Thanks to a secured vault,Andre Gomes Jersey, bandits failed once again in their attempt to remove a safe containing money to pay pensioners,Bayern Munich Jerseys, from the Clonbrook Post Office on the East Coast of Demerara.The thieves had gained entry into the facility by smashing a window at the back.Strangely, no one reported hearing any noise,Anthony Martial Jersey, although the Post Office is in close proximity to houses and is just a building away from the Clonbrook Police Outpost.According to information reaching this newspaper,Andrea Barzagli Jersey, sometime between Saturday night and early yesterday morning,Custom Juventus Jerseys, the thieves went to work.Despite evidence of a welding torch used to cut a padlock that secures the safe,Ander Herrera Jersey, no alarm was raised.From all appearances the bandits abandoned their operation when they realised that the safe was too secured to be moved.It was not until day clean that residents saw that the post office door was ajar and called in the police.This newspaper understands that yesterday’s attempt is the latest in several to torch the safe at the Clonbrook Post Office.
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