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Scores of protestors,Cheap Bayern Munich Jersey, comprising mainly local vendors, picketed the office of the Local Government Ministry yesterday morning in an earnest quest to have the Acting Town Clerk at the Mayor and City Council (M&CC) removed.The protestors vowed to return and picket every day until theProtestors ‘working’ towards Sooba’s removal.government has removed Carol Sooba who they claimed, “Was arbitrarily imposed on City Hall and has brought immense trouble towards the smooth functioning of the Council.”City Mayor Hamilton Green told Kaieteur News that the protestors, especially the vendors,Aleix Vidal Jersey, “are upset and have had enough of Sooba,” thus demanding her immediate removal. He said the problem came about when Sooba forwarded a rude and disrespectful memorandum to him after a request was made for the Town Clerk to set a meeting to deal with specific issues pertaining to the vendors and the plans toward the Georgetown restoration programme.Green said that Tuesday last,Barcelona Jerseys, he met with vendors,Andre Gomes Jersey, concerned persons and other stakeholders to, “brief them on the latest position with the Town Clerk who has been very rude and oscillate. I have never in my public life received a memo as the one I did last week from her (Sooba).”“I asked her to arrange a meeting to meet with staff,Cheap Manchester United Jersey, consistent to the position taken in Parliament for the restoration of Georgetown. She refused.”Green said Sooba got the letter on Wednesday, while the meeting was scheduled for the following Monday.“She said she was busy. I wrote the Minister to have her removed immediately, because the memo she subsequently sent, was unacceptable,” Green said.  At a meeting last week, Local Government Minister Ganga Persaud imparted that the acting Town Clerk should remain in office until a new appointment is made.Despite himself and the Deputy Mayor, Patricia Chase-Green being unhappy with the proposal, the Mayor said that Minister Persaud asserted that the Town Clerk should withdraw the letter and apologize.“Being a super democrat I gave her one week, but up to Monday, neither an apology nor a withdrawal of the letter took place.”Another letter was thus sent to the Local Government Minister, Mayor Green said.Social Activist Frederick Kissoon speaks to the gathering from atop his vehicle.“We are dealing with a classic case of megalomania. Now that is a serious condition. I have been around people for years, and I have never seen that behaviour by any public servant in my life.”Green further explained that the people proposed that the protest should be shifted from City Hall to the Local Government Ministry at Kingston, “to make the point to the minister that she must go.”The Mayor said he hopes that the government does not condone this type of disrespect from someone holding a public office and who has blatantly refused to follow the Minister’s order to apologize and withdraw the unruly memo that was sent.The memo from the Town Clerk indicated to the Mayor that he and a particular group under his command have caused the continuance of the dumping situation in Georgetown despite tremendous efforts by the Town Clerk and staff to address the dilemma. She said as such the Town Clerk (ag) and staff are placed at great risk, as the Council’s actions have caused the demoralization and abuse of officers and employees.“I now wish to advise that I cannot permit the staff of the Municipality at such short notice to attend a meeting for the restoration of the city of which you have significantly contributed to its deterioration. I am therefore advised that you cease impeding and obstructing the work of the Town Clerk (ag), officers and employees by fixing meetings without consultation and further desist from intimidating the Town Clerk (ag) when it’s impossible to comply with your agenda.”Kaieteur News was told that the memo was sent to vendors and other persons involved in the restoration programme, and yesterday’s protest was the result.Social activist Frederick Kissoon also showed support to the protestors. Speaking from the roof of his vehicle, the outspoken Kissoon charged that,Anthony Martial Jersey, “We will return tomorrow and the very next day and the next if they do not hear us.” He urged those present to remain orderly and to continue to protest for their rights.Efforts to contact the Local Government Minister proved futile. Kaieteur News however learnt that the Mayor and the Deputy Mayor were able to meet with the Minister.
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