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Police ranks on the Essequibo Coast have taken into custody a 50-fifty-year-old headmaster, of Karawab,Cheap Jerseys From China, Upper Pomeroon River, after allegations surfaced that he was sexually engaged with a 15-year-old student.Reports of the incident came to light after he allegedly paid the minor $2,000 to keep quiet. The reports continued that the young girl was dissatisfied and proceeded to tell her peers about the incident. The news subsequently reached the village captain,Cheap NFL Jerseys, who questioned and arrested the headmaster.According to a police press release,Chris McCullough Jersey, the headmaster,Cheap Jerseys Supply, in his apartment in the Karawab school compound,Bismack Biyombo Jersey, first sent up the girl to his apartment, and then followed. He proceeded to have intercourse with her.According to the report,NFL Jerseys China, the act was committed on a day when the school was enjoying a holiday. The headmaster is to make a court appearance shortly.
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