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By Rabindra Rooplall The Linden Water Supply Rehabilitation Programme (LWSRP) is moving apace. The capacity of the services will cater for a growing Linden population that will benefit residents until 2040,Cheap Jerseys NFL China, according to Guyana Water Incorporated (GWI) Project Manager of the LWSRP, David Merell.Construction works being done at the Amelia/s Ward ground reservoir.With an estimated population of 30,Cheap Jerseys China,000 in Linden, Merell said residents will notice road excavation, the use of large equipment and tools as well as minor traffic diversion. In addition,NFL Jerseys From China, construction crews are on three of the sites at Amelia’s Ward treatment plant, Wisroc  treatment Plant and the Amelia’s ward reservoir.“Right now we are going into the Mackenzie area and there will be some disruptions in terms of traffic from yesterday, this phase is expected to be completed in six weeks. Most of the pipelines in the other areas have been completed,” Merell noted.The LWSRP is funded by the Government of Guyana and the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) at a cost of US$12.3 Million.An international construction company, UEM Inc. commenced initial preparatory work for the construction of new treatment facilities at Amelia’s Ward and Wisroc. S. Jagmohan Hardware and Construction Supplies is another contractor executing pipelaying exercises for the LWSRP.Lindeners are employed in various capacities, including technicians and labourers.Merell said that there is no need for unnecessary pressure in the network facing the fact that it’s a ground storage capacity. Residents will then enjoy 24 hrs water supply.With works commencing May last,Discount Football Jerseys, S. Jagmohan Hardware and Construction Supplies is currently executing pipeline installation in Amelia’s Ward,Cheap NFL Jerseys Supply, Wisroc and other key project areas. UEM Inc. is working on the construction of two treatment facilities at Amelia’s Ward and WisrocThe Project Manager further noted that Linden customers are being encouraged to adopt an attitude of conservation regarding water wastage. With the combination of the new treatment facilities and the reduction of leaks through an upgrade of the distribution system,Wholesale Jerseys 2018, Linden customers will experience improved water quality as well as higher levels of service. Under the programme, GWI is also engaging a consultant to develop a strategy to reduce water loss and non revenue water.GWI has intensified a public education campaign with respect to LWSRP to adequately prepare Lindeners for the water conservation drive. This will encompass a large public education and community outreach component.It was also noted that with regard to protecting sources of freshwater, the new Wisroc Water Treatment Plant will utilize freshwater from the Dakoura Creek; hence customers of Linden must protect the creek and its watershed by avoiding activities such as mining and forestry activities, and dumping garbage in or around the creek that can pollute the creek.While the new facilities will provide an improved level of safe, potable water, water can still become contaminated if customers are reluctant to adapt safe habits such as storing water in covered containers and consistently cleaning black tanks.
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