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A 22-year-old cane harvester who resides at Ketten Dam,Cheap Authentic Jerseys, Rose Hall Town on the Corentyne is crying out for justice as he states that he is being put through rigmarole with the police at the Whim Police Station, following an incident that took place last November.During an entertainment show at the Port Mourant Ground last November 6,Authentic Jerseys China, Angad Balkarran claimed that he was stabbed under the arm by a youth with a knife for no reason at all. Balkarran named his alleged assailant and has accused the police of not administering justice.He said that his assailant was arrested by the police and locked up for four hours,Wholesale MLB Jerseys Pro Shop, then released. He stated that the youth was never charged or brought before the courts. The injured man stated that he fears that the matter is now in limbo and that there would be no new development.Balkarran’s brother, Jeetendra Balkarran,Cheap NFL Jerseys Authentic, told Kaieteur News that he does not appreciate the manner in which Officer-In-Charge of the Whim Police Station at the time,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, CID Ray Guinness dealt with the matter. Guinness has since been transferred to the Central Police Station in New Amsterdam and could not be reached for comment.Angad Balkarran expressed shock in the manner the matter was handled even after several appeals were made to Guinness, all to no avail. They said that both Guinness and current Officer-in-Charge of the Whim Police Station, Gary McAlister had promised them to look deeper into the matter. “The police give all hope; when done, he [Guinness] flap the story, he left the story just so and go away [was transferred]”, stated Angad’s brother.They further stated that CID Guinness told them that a report was sent to the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) in Georgetown, but nothing has been said since.Balkarran said that since the incident, he had to visit the hospital in New Amsterdam on a regular basis for medical attention for a punctured liver which was caused by the stab. He said that his recovery has been a very slow one.The man is alleging delay of justice and a possible bribe between the police and the father of his assailant,Cheap NFL Jerseys, both of whom Balkarran said, enjoys a cordial friendship. (Leon Suseran)
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