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In the face of the People’s National Congress Reform’s public call for the President to support the dossier prepared by the Joint Opposition Political Parties, the Office of the President has lashed out at the document saying that it is riddled with inaccuracies and leaves a lot to be explained.According to the Office of the President,Jerseys From China, the public record illustrates that the opposition PNCR has consistently been opposed to the Government of Guyana’s defence of public order and democratic gains in Guyana.“The PNCR under successive party leaders and their like-minded co-conspirators have openly supported the aims and objectives of those gangs, joining in the glorification of gang members and leaders in life and in death….With the publication of their dossier, the PNCR has succeeded in co-opting the other parliamentary political parties into their grand design.”It stated that the PNCR and other detractors of the Government have focused their attacks on extra-judicial killings,Cheap Jerseys For Sale, claiming an accommodation of the Government with Roger Khan existed, human rights abuses and claiming a systematic resort to torture by the joint services.“This dossier, representing their masterpiece on anti-government design is being promoted as crystallising findings and disclosures that support their contentions.”According to Office of the President,Cheap Jerseys Supply, among the 449 included among the listed dead in the dossier are:- persons who are alive; persons officially listed as missing; inexplicably, victims of criminal/terrorist gangs; recklessly,Cheap Jerseys Free, law enforcement officers, police and soldiers killed in the line of duty; known wanted criminals who died in armed confrontations with the Joint Services; victims of vehicular accidents; cases currently under GPF investigations as well as cases subjected to judicial review;The statement also indicated that if the compilation is to be deemed appropriate and comprehensive,Cheap NFL Shop, the omission of major cases would have to be explained.According to the Office of the President,Wholesale Soccer Jerseys, “It is obvious that the PNCR and their acolytes in their parliamentary opposition parties have used the publication of the dossier to advance their grand design which is to sensationalise, to confuse and to score partisan political points using the circumstances of the dead as their primary tool.”
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