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-Sexual offences among reasonsChild abuse, including an increase in sexual offences, in the country’s public educational system was listed among the reasons that warranted disciplinary action by the Teaching Service Commission (TSC) last year.  According to the TSC, its Disciplinary Committee recommended that a total of 164 teachers be dismissed during the past year.According to the Commission,Wholesale Jerseys, “strong action had to be taken by the Commission against the backdrop of a heightened wave of reported sexual offences across the country.”Moreover, two Head teachers were demoted – one for forgery and one for neglect of duty, misconduct and irregularity. Additionally, 43 resignations were accepted.Actions,Stitched Jerseys, it was revealed, were meted out to teachers who either broke the Code of Conduct or who demonstrated that they will not continue to be good teachers. Some had to be interdicted from duty, and in some cases, dismissed because of being found guilty of touching or fondling students, child abuse, specifically, as it relates to emotional abuse; vulgar or inappropriate behaviour in school and inappropriate relationships with students.It was revealed too that during the course of last year, the TSC, in keeping with its constitutional mandate, continued its three-fold role of appointing, removing and disciplining teachers.Conscious of the large sum of money being expended on the Education system, and mindful of the important role of teachers, the Commission, through its work, sought to assist in meeting the objectives as set by the Ministry of Education. However it was revealed that although hundreds of persons applied for teaching positions, only 510 junior teachers were appointed. The TSC revealed that there were many applicants with 10 or more CSEC or CXC passes with grades I and II, but who had passes of grade IV or lower in English Language and Mathematics. Usually a pass of grade III or higher in English and Mathematics is compulsory for appointment as a Temporary Qualified Master/Mistress. However,Cheap Authentic Jerseys, it is the belief of the Commission that programmes being conducted by the Ministry of Education will soon change this state of affairs.In the case of Junior Appointments, some vacancies were unfilled because of a few reasons, among them,Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale, the lack of eligible applicants in specific technical fields living within or in close proximity to the catchment area of some schools; applicants who have passes in technical fields but are deficient in English and Mathematics; unavailability of housing in some riverain areas and persons finding great difficulty in travelling long distances to reach some schools.The Senior Promotion Vacancy Notice 2011,Discount Nike NFL Jerseys, published at the request of the Ministry of Education and accompanied by the “Criteria for Promotion 2011”, attracted 635 applicants. From this number, 308 senior promotions were made.The Commission has also observed that every year, a large number of teachers attend the University of Guyana to improve their knowledge and upgrade their status in the profession. “While the Teaching Service Commission is happy when a teacher upgrades his/her education,Brian Gionta Jersey, a number of teachers do not properly apply for releases to attend the University of Guyana. Thus classes are left unattended, which forces the Ministry of Education to take corrective action, sometimes leading to teachers being brought before the Commission to be disciplined for neglect of duty or irregularity.”It was revealed that the Commission visited a number of Regions during last year and held discussions with Regional Chairmen, Regional Executive Officers and Education Staff with the intent of giving the TSC a face in the Regions. Another reason was to meet staff of identified schools, listen to concerns of teachers and offer advice where necessary.Meanwhile, the Commission revealed that it is now commencing the processing of applications for Senior Promotions this year.
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