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…provides proof that woman was never cooped upA popular city businessman says that he is going to sue two privately-owned newspapers over an article that featured a maid who worked with the businessman. The businessman said that he was also seeking legal action for the malicious manner in which the articles were carried in the two dailies.The man, who says that he would prefer to be identified as Singh,Wholesale Jerseys China, says that both of the newspapers carried fabrications and at no time made any effort to contact him.In one newspaper the article was titled ‘Imprisoned maid rescued from businessman’s home’ and in the other, ‘Amerindian woman snatched from slave like conditions…- alleges she was forced to perform unnatural sexual acts.’The man pointed out that the woman claimed that she was imprisoned, wasn’t paid and had to endure sexual advances. The businessman denied all these allegations.The man explained that the woman, in fact, owed the family money given that she had collected several advances from them to help with some emergencies with her family.He said that yesterday an official from the Amerindian Affairs Ministry whom he identified as S. Henry and a Mr Basdeo from the Labour Ministry, met with them yesterday. He said that he told them that none of the allegations purportedly made by the woman were true and that the family was upset with the newspaper articles.“They say while that woman was at the station no reporter spoke to this woman, that they were chased out of the station…(the two newspapers) selling their papers based on hearsay.”Singh said that while the newspapers did not use his name from the manner in which the articles were written, he could be readily identified given his prominence and popularity.Singh pointed out that during a meeting yesterday with Henry and Basdeo at his Robb Street business place two reporters from the papers were confronted and that they could not defend their stories.Singh’s wife, who was in his company at the time this newspaper met with him, said that both officials from the Ministries said that they never heard of the complaints of sexual harassment and of non payments from the woman at the centre of the dispute.Singh maintains that the woman has been in their employ for some three months and at no point in time was her movement ever restricted.He recalled that only last Friday the woman’s mother travelled out of the interior to see her daughter and she came to meet her at the city business.Moreover, Singh said that for the past five weeks he has had construction going on at his home and a lot of times the door is open. On other occasions the woman at the centre of the dispute had the remote to open the doors to allow the carpenters in or out.He said,Cheap NHL Jerseys Authentic, too, that sometimes she is asked to run an errand drawing reference to three days ago when she asked to go get some cough medicine from the pharmacy.“She had $5,Cheap Jerseys Authentic,000 in her hands,” Singh said and asked if it is that the woman was feeling imprisoned then she could have easily left.Singh said that he has since learnt that the woman in their absence has been passing stuff out of the House in bags on more than one occasions.He said that a cursory check of his home found that two of his son’s DS Nintendo players and one of his daughter gold ring with a stone in it could not be found.Singh said that they are very busy people and have not had an opportunity to do a proper inventory at home to verify what if anything else is missing, “we don’t know at this time what else is missing.He suggested that the whole idea of framing him was a mere ploy to get away from the place given that she owed them money.Singh said, recently, that the woman, three weeks into a month,Cheap Baltimore Ravens Jerseys, asked to be paid in full given that her sister was sick and this was done.He noted that on another occasion the woman’s mother visited the city and wanted money to buy clothing for the woman’s child and again money was given to her.On the charge that the woman was not being allowed to make calls Singh’s wife said this is far from the truth in that she had given the woman a phone to use and it was to the point where there were times when she could not be reached because she was always on the phone.The couple spoke of numerous examples where the young woman would be on the road, when she would take her day off. “If she was feeling so cooped she had opportunities to leave.”Singh also pointed to the fact that one newspaper article stated that he went to the Alberttown Police Station and was released some 20 minutes late. Singh denied that he ever went to any police station.He spoke to the allegations that there was an occasion where the woman spoke to her mother on the phone in a tribal language and that he purportedly tried to force her to divulge the details of the conversation.This he refuted as another untruth saying that he learnt about the fact that she could speak another language yesterday.He said it was one of his staff members who had over-heard the conversation and told the woman that they were not interested in what she was saying and as such did not have to speak in another language.The 21-year-old woman is currently in the custody of the Amerindian Affairs Ministry.Meanwhile yesterday,China Jerseys, the woman was questioned by officials of the Ministry of Labour where she reportedly made statements about her experiences at the home of the businessman.Officials refused to have her talk to reporters and her family members declined also to speak.Kaieteur News understands that she was handed over to the Ministry of Amerindian Affairs as investigations continue.According to a Labour official,Wholesale Football Jerseys, checks will be madeto see whether any regulations were broken while the woman was staying at the home of the businessman.She reportedly went to work for the businessman after answering a newspaper advertisement over three months ago.The woman reportedly claimed that she was made to wash cars and was locked in rooms of the businessman’s home during her stay and was not allowed to go out on her own.
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