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Residents of Region Eight are concerned about the way miners are dredging for gold in the Minihaha area located approximately seven miles from Mahdia.The residents are peeved that the gold miners are operating within the MinihahaThe access road in Region Right Minihaha where the miners are dredging close to the road and on the road itselfarea and not filling the holes that they create in their search for gold. What’s worse is that the miners are even mining on the access road linking Mahdia and North Fork and Konawaruk.According to one resident who lived in Region Eight for over 20 years,cheap nfl jerseys outlet, Floyd Herman,Jerseys NFL Wholesale, “This matter has been reported to the mines officer on several occasions and on these occasions the mining officer would try to catch them on the work site or catch them working.”He said that this was however unsuccessful since the miners would cover up their tracks before the authorities arrive. “The dredge owner got persons at look out points with cell phones about four miles from Minihaha,wholesale jerseys, so by the time the officers reach the spot the men would take their mat out the box, move their engine and leave the area until the officers are gone.”Herman said that he knew of one Licenced dredge owner that was stopped by an OMAI surveyor,Cheap Jerseys China, but as soon as the surveyor left, work commenced.According to one resident,Blake Swihart Jersey, the most dangerous thing is when officers go home for Christmas or close off the mining station then the punters (persons who would go and work in the wake of the larger mining companies) would get their shovels and go to work.This, the resident said, contributes to serious problems since the punters would dig up the soil close to the roads and don’t refill the holes they create,Cheap Jerseys Wholesale, the consequences of which is that as soon as anything heavy passes on the road it caves in.According to Herman, “Persons have claims and block concessions in the North Fork and Konawaruk area and have to use this road. If we do not protect it we would pay double.”As such he is calling on the miners to desist from mining irresponsibly and fill up the holes when they are finished.
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