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Hubert Pilgrim, the tomb builder who was charged last year February, for the murder of his reputed wife, 41-year-old nursery school teacher, Natalie Loncke, was on Friday last committed to the High Court.The 32 Hadfield Street,Cheap Baltimore Ravens Jerseys, Lodge resident, again appeared before acting Chief Magistrate Priya Sewnarine- Beharry,Supply Cheapest Air Max, who delivered the ruling. Pilgrim was told that the court was convinced that he had a murder case to answer based on adequate evidence provided by the police.Pilgrim had failed to produce any witnesses when he was allowed to lead the defence. Pilgrim was also given the mandatory advantage of proving the prosecution’s case invalid, but failed to do so.Pilgrim sought to stall the court since he, on every occasion,Cheap MLB Jerseys Store, asked for an adjournment following the absence of his witnesses.At Friday’s hearing,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, Pilgrim had called witness Valerie Beckles who was identified as his mother. Beckles was not present. Pilgrim later explained to the court that his mother had reportedly worked late on the night shift and was a bit tardy in making her appearance. He subsequently asked the court that the matter against him be stood down until the afternoon hours.Pilgrim was still unable to produce his witness when the matter resumed some time after two o’clock. He later told the court to do as it pleased, since he had no other witnesses to produce.Relatives of the deceased woman were visibly emotional following the magistrate’s decision. Loncke’s brother said that he was quite satisfied with the outcome of the Preliminary Inquiry. He said that he was also happy with the pace of the hearing. He said that he is hopeful that a conviction awaits Pilgrim in the High Court.On February 12, 2011, Pilgrim allegedly murdered Natalie Loncke, a school teacher, at her Lot 9 Norton Street, Wortmanville home. The 41-year-old teacher was a mother of two, employed at the Salmen Fraser Nursery School in Albouystown.According to initial reports, Pilgrim and Loncke who shared a visiting relationship had engaged in an argument which became violent. The man and the woman reportedly had a scuffle where Loncke’s daughter intervened. The girl was also hurt during the altercation.Pilgrim during the incident had allegedly hit Loncke several times on the head with a metal bar. It was also reported that Pilgrim allegedly cut Loncke’s throat with a knife that he retrieved from the woman’s kitchen.The police claimed that following the attack, Pilgrim left the jurisdiction and could not be contacted. It was believed that Pilgrim was hiding out at the Le Repentir Cemetery where he previously worked.Pilgrim, however, was held in Suriname on an assault charge,Cheap Air Max 270 Womens, and was later handed over to local police to answer the allegations against him.Natalie Loncke succumbed to her injuries after being rushed to the Georgetown Public Hospital. She was discovered lying in a pool of blood by her daughter,Basketball Shoes Cheap Online, Renata Loncke.
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