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Nuff people tired, even Donald tired. Dem tek de sun and dem follow de bands pun de Mash route. Wid this year being election year dem boys know that this was de time fuh dem see all dem politicians. Dem wasn’t wrang.Was like Donald give instruction to he Ministers that dem got to dance fuh dem supper. All of dem dress up and try fuh dance. Who couldn’t dance hop.  Jagdeo been pun de Mash parade, too,Wholesale Jerseys Authentic, He face been pun one of de truck.Granger do de same thing. He ain’t got Minister but he get he Hem Pees fuh come out and Mash. He get Ramjattan fun come out too and poor Ramjattan who didn’t even try fuh get some exercise before Mash Day had top hop, skip, jump and wine like everybody else.Dem boys seh that a neighbor tell dem that dem see he wife got he sitting down and soaking he foot in a basin.Dem had Granger doing de same thing but he had sense. He use to walk when de morning come suh he was kind of fit. At one stage, dem boys thought that was Election Day. Hap New wid Hay Hef See and Pee Pee Pee in one parade? Dem two couldn’t agree to share nutten; dem couldn’t even agree to talk and dem share a float parade. Was a miracle.Dem get judge and dem boys waiting fuh de result just like if dem waiting fuh elections result. De Mash had other things that ketch dem boys eyes. Dem see Lizzie, de new girl,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, who never join in a tramp ever in she life. She nearly cry because she now complaining that if she did know that she had to do all dem things just to replace Sam,Cheap NFL Jerseys Stitched, she woulda tell dem know.Dem boys seh that she don’t know that she got to go and hug up any and everybody,Cheap Nike NFL Jerseys, kiss some dribble mouth children and dem parents and when she done,Cheap NFL Jerseys, she got to report to Donald day in and day out.Talk half and wait fuh de rest of de campaign.
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